Womed Award 1999

One of Prefamac’s employees nominated the managing director, Mrs. Myriam Schepers, for the "female entrepreneur of the year" award.

Reveling in the media's attention, on the 9th of October 1999, she received the prestigious WOMED AWARD (Women in Enterprise & Development), in Flanders Expo, Gent.

The WOMED AWARD is a European award, a joint initiative of the CMBV (Christian movement for self-employed women), the CEZOV (Center for independent business women), and the VLERICK MANAGEMENT SCHOOLs of Leuven and Gent.

To qualify for the WOMED AWARD the potential candidate has to excel in several areas. Taking bold initiatives, having an innovative strategy, a businesslike approach, and organizational talents, as well as running an organization that is both woman- and family-friendly , these all are important criteria. Myriam Schepers was given the award because of the nature and the international character of her company. She proved that starting a company on high heels is possible, provided you keep both feet on the ground.

The AWARD, a lovely bronze statue entitled "the Renée", has been designed by Armand Loveniers, a famous sculptor. Among his best known works are the "Kotmadam", located in the center of the old market square of Louvain, and the "Fiere Margriet". Renée represents the active woman, always keen to improve her knowledge, a new citizen of the lively university town of Louvain. The statue is located near Atrecht College, the first to offer a university degree in Educational Sciences for girls. It was named after René Depret, honorable citizen of Louvain and a driving force behind many of the statues found around the city, as well as several cultural events.

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